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"Relationships made Easy"....the Webinar


Relationship issues often are a result of deeply rooted issues trapped in your Chakras

  • Are you single and don't seem to be able to attract a partner into your life?
  • Are you making the same mistake over and over again when choosing a partner?
  • Have you been dumped and are sabotaging your new realationships out of fear of getting hurt again ?
  • Is fear of intimacy stopping you from forming a relationship?

  • Are you in a relationship and are fighting over money,sex or imbalances of power?


Chakras are like hard drives that register and store everything you have been exposed to when they were formed.
That means everything you were exposed to since you were conceived is stored in these vortices of information.
When you form any kind of relationship
  your chakra will transmit energy, looking for an energetic match.
When all chakras connect at an appropriate frequency, the result will be a harmonious,enriching relationship.

Upcoming Webinar: weekly from October 5th till November 16th 2011

Relationships made Easy  through Chakra EFT

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