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Feddel_0.jpg Claudia Schecter, EFT Universe Trainer and Mentoring Consultant, has been in private practice as a Naturopath specialized in Energy Psychology for 20 +++years.

She studied at the Institute NHC in Montreal PQ, where she later served on the Board of Directors and taught EFT.
Claudia has been teaching and mentoring EFT students since 2004. 
She is one of a handful of EFT practitioners worldwide who achieved the EFT Cert-II from EFT founder Gary Craig.

She is the founder of the EFT Circle Montreal which boasts hundreds of active members. Her work as a success coach has enabled many people to reach their full potential.

Claudia is fluent in English and German and conducts her workshops in both languages.

She holds workshops in Canada, Europe and Asia, as well as private sessions in person , by telephone and via Skype.