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I work in accounting and have been a client of Claudia Schecter for over 10 years. I am quite sensitive 
and as a defence mechanism tend to shut down my emotions. I have begun 
to attend Claudia’s EFT meetups since Summer 2008 and took Level I 
EFT with Fall 2008. Under Claudia’s guidance in Level II, I started a process of clearing deep hurts and touched areas in the past that inhibit the full expression of my Being. I experienced some profound emotional shifts – it was much more than I expected. 
It was more than just theory-we actually worked the methods shown and 
learned and grew from watching others’ processes and working with 
our own issues. 

Claudia is a wonderful facilitator 
and I highly recommend taking this course with her. 

Linda Anne Wlasenko, B.Comm


I have been practicing body work for over 10 years, and have developed a multi modality approach, to which it is my intention to add EFT. I was very impressed with the both the process and the results of the seminar. I have the entire EFT home study course and consider it invaluable, however, there are powerful and important elements of the training that can only be learned and integrated by taking seminars.
Claudia's vast experience with, not only EFT, but many other healing modalities learned and practiced over the years is an incredible asset, to those fortunate enough to attend her seminars. I worked with Claudia on an issue that would normally take years of conventional therapy to resolve, and made MAJOR headway in 40 MINUTES, with great relief at the end of this short, yet powerful, life enhancing therapy.
Wether one is looking to explore EFT to help themselves and their loved ones, or to become a certified EFT therapist, Claudia's seminars are filled with pure gems! Insightful anecdotes, variants of the EFT technic that aren't in the tapes, and other extra's - such as introducing complimentary techniques from other authors in the field of energy psychology. Just two days after the seminar, I incorporated one the technics explored, into a body work session with very encouraging results.
I cannot wait for a level three seminar. I would not hesitate to take any other seminar given by Claudia, as I am sure beyond any doubt, of the invaluable personal and professional benefits to be gained.
Yours in appreciation and gratitude,

Christopher Andrew de Castell Junghertz
Registered Massage Therapist 

"Hi Claudia
I would like to thank you for the wonderful EFT-Level II workshop.  I liked the small group and I liked your flexibility as how the program went. 
I particularly appreciate you introducing TAT and guiding us in short TAT meditation each of the days.  I have certainly experienced some shifts during these two days.  I look forward to future work with you whether in our twice-a-month meetings or as part of the "Mentoring Group".  I especially looking forward to the "Manifesting using EFTand TAT" program.  
Warmly, Ahmad"



***The two day EFT Level 2 workshop was really productive for me. I have felt a subtle yet important shift happen in my out look especially on the subject of not being good enough and being cut off, I have felt much more whole since then.  This work is very strong and powerful and I do believe the potential in its healing.  Claudia is a very compassionate teacher who delivers a very clear, safe and grounded environment in which to teach her classes. Her handouts are very helpful and after the workshop I feel much more capable in my knowledge of EFT, Thank you Claudia***

Sophie P.

Bridge Phobia


Five years ago, driving my car crossing over a bridge, I started to feel some fear. With time, this fear had evolved to the state of phobia. Just thinking that I would have to drive over a bridge I would become anxious to the point that my behavior was altered: my whole body would start shaking and I would become angry. This phobia of bridges had taken so much proportions that I would avoid some trips or otherwise, I would go round the problem by driving many additional kilometers.
Thanks to a friend, I met Claudia Schecter, an EFT practitioner. She demonstrated a great patience since to get rid of my fear, the meeting lasted almost two hours. Afterwards, with my agreement, we took the direction of abridge over which I successfully drove by staying calm and relax. Since we had to come back, we cross over the same bridge again but this time, I felt a tremendous joy and total happiness realizing the fact that I was finally liberated of my phobia. 
The Emotional Freedom Technique is simple, gentle and efficient. Delighted by it's results, I intent to refer to this technique again to overcome other psychological
 blockages that are harmful to my personal well being.

Thank you Claudia, I am grateful
for this wonderful gift you offered me so gently.

Gisèle P     en francais