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Claudia Schecter is a
certified  EFT professional/EFTUniverse Trainer (Level 1, 2 &3), a Matrix ReImprinting practitioner/Trainer, a certified TAT professional and NMT expert. She is also certified in the Emotion/Body Code

She ione of a handful of EFT Experts worldwide, that holds the EFT Cert-II certification from EFT Founder Gary Craig
and the first trainer in Canada who teaches the revolutionary cutting edge technique "Matrix reIMPRINTING"


EFTTAT , NMT and Matrix Reimprinting are some of the most effective and efficient anxiety techniques 

and chronic illness therapies available.  

These modalities are gentle, yet powerful natural solution and often result in:
  • Freedom from fears, phobias, anxieties  
  • Abuse and past traumas (it is not necessary ....not even advisable to relive old hurts!)
  • Relief from chronic pain and serious illness ....they often work where nothing else will!
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs, chronic worry and negative thinking
  • increased self-worth, leading to increased success and peak performance
  • Freedom from coffee, cigarette and other addictions
  • letting go of anger, hurt and resentment
  • a harmonious pregnancy, the foundation for a harmonious family
They are, literally, Freedom at your Fingertips!

People who have applied EFT and TAT often remark on:
  • a sense emotional and physical well being
  • pain relief
  • increased muscle movement and flexibility
  • clarity of mind and decreased brain fog symptoms
  • ability to focus
  • personal confidence

Claudia is an internationally recognized EFT and Matrix ReImpring Trainer/coach. Her passion is to empower people to take charge in creating a life full of harmony,joy and abundance.

She is available for private sessions in Montreal, Canada but also via phone and/or SKYPE (with web cam)worldwide.

To book an appointment with Claudia please email  or call: (514)245-2263

Please note that Claudia has a 24 hour cancellation for all booked appointments. 

Claudia is  fluent in both,  English and German. 
Her trainings and sessions can be conducted in either language.