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For information on Claudia's  work with Lyme Disease , please go to her website


Lyme Symptoms


The symptoms of Lyme disease are often described in three stages, although not all patients have symptoms of each stage. The first sign of infection is often a circular rash ( The "Bull's Eye")This rash occurs in about 50% of infected persons and begins at the site of the tick bite after a delay of three days to one month.

Patients often also experience symptoms such as:
  • fatigue
  • chills
  • fever
  • headache
  • muscle and joint pain
  • swollen lymph nodes.

If the infection goes untreated, the second stage of the disease can
last up to several months with possible symptoms including:

  • central and peripheral nervous system disorders
  • inability to think clearly, brain fog
  • multiple skin rashes
  • arthritis and arthritic symptoms
  • heart palpitations
  • Extreme fatigue and general weakness

If the infection continues to go untreated, the third stage of the
disease can last months to years with possible symptoms including,
chronic arthritis and neurological symptoms. If contracted during
pregnancy, adverse effects on the fetus, including stillbirth, can